Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Little Things

Someone asked me a few days ago to describe what it would take to win my heart. There's the cliche things that everyone says honesty, attractiveness, sensitive, funny... Thank you, Captain Obvious. But some little things you may never guess are:

a great tipper. The ability to tip appropriately says that you're generous even when it goes unrewarded.
clean, clipped nails. Just like you appreciate all the efforts we invest in our hair, toes, and in perfecting our hip to waist ratio, I appreciate you taking a moment to rid your nails of Cheetos, the day's grime, and kitty litter. And weed smokers, you are fooling NO one with that extra long pinky nail.
a collection of books (that you've read). The other day, while I was on the train with my handy-dandy ereader , a guy tapped my shoulder and said, "What's the battery life on your Nook like? I'm trying to decide whether I want the Kindle or what you have." I swooned inside.
4. a genuine interest in my friends. I know you're thinking, "You want a guy that likes your friends?!?!" Not exactly. But a guy that understands when my friends are ok, I'm happier, and that if I need to bring her some chicken-noodle soup, I'd appreciate him boiling the water and passing over his grandmother's secret recipe.
5. Initiative. You know I'm in love with Will Smith. You know the prequel to I Am Legend drops soon. Buy the tickets and clear my schedule so we can check it out. Help me looooove Wiiiilllll.
6. An Acceptance of my selective taste in food. I have a list of approximately 101 foods that I don't eat for one reason or another.(If you would like a copy, I'd be happy to email it to you.) I don't wish I was this way. But God made my taste buds and that's the way it is. I once dated a guy who made it his job to remember all the foods I didn't like. I remember once, we went to a Mexican restaurant, and I neglected to see that my entree choice had guacamole in it. After I ordered, he politely asked the server, "Could you hold the guac? She's not a fan." Again... I swooned.

if you have an unhealthy, (yet heterosexual) obsession with any of the following things, you get extra ++++++++++++++ points:
a. The Wire
b. Whitney Houston (When she sings the National Anthem, I immediately forgive America for slavery)
c. Will Smith
d. Donnie Hathaway (besides having the most pure voice I've ever heard, he's Howard alum)
e. Howard University and it's real HUness
f. Glee
g. Michael Jackson
h. Infant Sorrow

What are some things that people don't often mention that make you swoooooon ladies, fellas? I wanna know!


  1. I totally agree with you all the way through your list and I'm all about Will (All Will), Whitney ("Where do broken hearts go" is my absolute #1 Whitney song with "Same script, different cast" being a close 2nd, and Glee (I REALLY LOVE GLEE!!!!) but the only think I think is interchangeable on your list would be conversation and reading. I would love to have a person who has read the same books I have or even have a healthy appetite for reading but I would take a person who can provide me with interesting conversation over being a reader. A lot of people say that they want someone who can offer an educated and intelligent conversation but then again I am not most people. Educated conversation is one thing but a relationship can not be based solely on knowledge and education. Sometimes its all about the random conversations people have. I have had some of my best and most interesting conversations as a result of people watching (yes, I am a people watcher) or a response to a joke that was told which leads in to another completely random conversation about clouds and band camp and whatever other memories come to mind. And my last thing would be the one rule that all women need to know, we do not admit it often, but ladies PLEASE let us be right sometimes. We can be dead wrong but as long as you women do not make a big deal about it and make it your life goal to prove us wrong, everyone is happy.

  2. @Steven- I agree. conversations are important! You make a great point. And about men wanting to be right even when they're wrong... I understand. Women like that too. I always say, "support your man/woman in public". You gotta at least appear to be on the same page! :)


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