Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You Don't Need Me... You Need the Google Machine

Technology has made our lives so convenient that the Jetsons world doesn't seem so far away. Just today, I've used my smartphone, my ereader, paid a bill online, and later I'm going to watch a DVR'ed episode of Glee. This is what I humbly consider, a "smart" use of technology. Some people however, haven't mastered the art of allowing technology to help you. Instead of taking the time to use technology that is literally at their fingertips, they take to social media or send a text asking you to find information that is readily available.

I understand asking questions where you'd prefer a personal reference, like, "Whe
re do you get your hair cut?" or "Where can I get some good Italian food?" Sure, you can find those answers online, but it's often better to get a personal recommendation. But in the cases listed below, it's inexcusable.

1. The Weather. A friend of mine who lives about 2.5 miles from me texted me a few weeks ago during the snowy weather and asked, "How long is it going to snow?" (FYI, I'm not a meteorologist). Since I didn't know the answer to his question, I went to on my phone, got an update and then texted it to him. Moments later, I realized I'd been bamboozled. Why didn't HE just do that? He has an iphone! A few days later, he asked again, "What's the weather looking like by us? Is it snowing now?!" Me: "!!!!!!!!!" Instead of peeking out of his own window, or even using one of his several weather app options, he asked ME if it was snowing out. I may not be a model, but I know I don't look like Al Roker!

2. TV/Movie Schedules. I saw a tweet the other day that asked, "When is The King's Speech playing in Chinatown?" Really?!?! Who randomly knows Chinatown's movie schedule?! No one. So what you're asking someone to do is find out for themselves, and then relay that information to you. No, ma'am.

3. Directions. This one hurts me deeply. Everything comes with a GPS on it.. Phones, GPSs.. pets... If you have the address to where you're going, why rely on shoddy directions from people like, "You're going to pass 3 speed bumps, a McDonald's, 4 Starbucks, and a woman in a poncho on the corner before you make a right."

4. Date/Time. - If you ever use your phone to text someone or to tweet and say, "What's today's date? What day is it? What time is it?", I just... I just... I don't even know what to say. You are the reason polar bears are an endangered species and forced into slavery by Coca-Cola.

Solution - Let Me Google That For You
If you find yourself the victim of the questions listed above, type their question into the following website, and send your aggressor the link. I promise you... they will get the point, and you will get a laugh. Let Me Google That For You.

Black History Moment
As promised, in honor of Black History Month, I'd like to honor someone who has made significant contributions to the American way of life. Because this post is about technology, I thought Jesse Russell would be a good choice. If you've ever used "4G" wireless, this guy should be your hero. Mr. Russell is an African-American inventor and one of the visionaries’ whose innovative perspectives profoundly influenced the wireless communications industry, the driver of growth in 21st century. He holds numerous patents and continues to invent and innovate in the emerging area of next generation broadband wireless networks, technologies and services, which is frequently referred to as 4G. Thanks Mr. Russell! Learn more about him here:

Have you been the recipient of a Google-able question? If so, do share!