Thursday, March 10, 2011

Photos from Liberia!

Our first day at the school's campus.
I don't have time to write too much, but I wanted to send pictures to give you a brief idea of what's happening here.

As the youngest person here by far, I've been designated as the scribe of all events, the record keeper, and the videographer, so I have lots of pictures and videos. My other primary responsibilities here in Brewerville, Liberia are to observe the reading classrooms and lead a workshop on creative lesson planning for reading comprehension. Those who know how corny I am and how detailed my curriculums are know that this is a passion of mine!

I'll send you all updates as I can.
Four year olds reading in groups. This young lady explained to me that she was teaching her groupmates how to read becauase she is "ahead". I love the peer to peer work!

With the ROTC Class. Didn't know they had that overseas.
The pump for water (which we aren't allowed to drink) is bigger than this girl, but she had serious determination and obviously lots of experience.

One end of the spectrum.

And the other end... a resort.
Interesting depiction of Jesus.

Forgive the sweat, I am about 3.5 inches from the equator though. :)
My connection is a little too slow for videos, but I will post them later.