Monday, August 22, 2011

Republicans Switch Up Their Anti-Tax Philosophy

I'm convinced that the decision makers in the Republican Party do not have the majority of hard-working Americans' best interest at heart. It's impossible. 

I try not to take most GOP policies personally, and I usually succeed. But now they're hitting my paycheck.

At the bottom of your pay stub is a line for Social Security. 6.2% of your check is collected by the feds for Social Security. Your employer pays the other 6.2% and through this lovely arrangement, the government receives scrilla for Social Security. 

That was the case until last December when Obama forged a deal that lowered our contribution to 4.2%, saving every family an average of $1,000 a year. The employers' rate remained at 6.2%. In light of the continued blue state of our economy, President Obama would like to extend that tax for an additional year, allowing people like myself, and probably you as well, to keep our 2% every two weeks. 

Sounds good right? Well, the Republicans don't think so. And honestly, the government will lose about $120 billion if they extend this tax cut that we all benefit from, so I get it. We can't afford tax breaks. We have a deficit. 

My problem here is the inconsistency. The GOP is known for their anti-tax stance; their philosophy is that by allowing people to keep a good chunk of their paycheck, we boost the economy. For example, many in the Republican party oppose ending the tax cut that folks making over $250,000 (less than 1% of the population), benefit from. Some consider it disgusting to even insinuate that millionaires and billionaires should pay more in taxes. (And by more, I mean what they used to pay during the Clinton era, prior to the Bush Administration's tax cuts.) Despite Warren Buffett, the godzillionaire admitting via open letter to the New York Times that he pays less in taxes than every other person in his office and that he should pay MORE, the GOP is still stuck on giving him and his few peers tax breaks. BUT NOT US! (Note: if you are self-employed or if you make over 250,000 you are not included in "us." Sorry.)

Interested in seeing exactly how much you'd lose? 

In other words, the GOP believes we should cut our deficit on the backs of middleincomeonaires, but NOT on the backs of folks whose checks read like "oooooooooooooooooooo!" Pick a side; either you're for taxes or you're not for taxes. But don't decide to be for taxes when it affects the people who have the least versus those who have the most. Or go ahead and be that way. But if I accuse your party of being rife with unpatriotic slimy greed, you know where it comes from. 

Carry on.