A Word or Three is currently a marketing and communications professional. She first discovered her ability to provoke thought with a pen when as a high school student, her letter decrying the Confederate flag was published in a conservative South Carolina newspaper. Reader response ranged from claims that she was unAmerican to a college scholarship offer! 

Since then, her work has appeared in The Hilltop, Urbanfaith.com, and on her own website, awordorthree.com. Her experiences as a teacher, preacher's daughter, non-profit fundraiser, Howard U graduate, YouTube commenter, world traveler, thespian, self-proclaimed liberal hippie, and Jesus follower influence her witty yet sharp perspective. 

A Word or Three's writing covers a variety of topics but her favorites are politics, etiquette, and the role race plays in our everyday lives. In her spare time she enjoys hiking in LA; reminiscing about great times in Washington, DC, and beating unsuspecting people in Taboo. 

Your ideas, thoughts, criticisms, questions, gifts, flowers, and chocolate are welcomed!

If you're interested in having her write for you, email: editor@awordorthree.com  

Also... #FightOn. 


  1. Things for you to add to yourlist:

    My guilty pleasures - cornbread and cake; Yes, all at one time.

    Nothing compares to the talent of....ummm, hello?! Where is Robin Thicke?!

    I take compliments to my mumble mumble badunk.

    Things that distract me from work co-workers who love to run up and read my computer screen and steal cup o'noodles out of my file drawer.

  2. I love this! I might have to bite off this one. lol Naw, I'll try to come up with something to tell people about myself. Thanks for provocation of thought!


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